NSH Worldwide Competition Rules and Guidelines


1. Dancers must display a freestyled musical approach while using standard hustle patterns. 
2. Adding patterns, influences or tricks from urban or other dance styles is encouraged.
3. Originality of footwork and style is encouraged.
4. The dance should stay slotted.
5. All/any genders may enter as a Leader or Follower in all categories.


Preliminary Rounds: 
Dancers will be randomly paired and will freestyle for 45 seconds-1 minute (depending on number of entries) alongside another randomly paired couple. After the first round the pairs will switch partners. Each dancer will be given a score and deliberated upon at the end of the entirety of the preliminary rounds. The top scoring dancers will move on to the Battle Rounds. (Number of dancers to move on will vary depending on total number of entries).

Battle Rounds:
Dancers will be randomly paired once again and battle against one other randomly paired couple. Each couple will dance by themselves for another 45 seconds to 1 minute. The next couple will then dance for 45 seconds-1 minute. The dancers will then switch partners and repeat. At the end of the rounds, the judges will vote on one Leader and one Follower to advance. Battle Rounds will repeat until only one Leader and one Follower remain, becoming the “Jeff and Jill” Battle winners.

*Additional “Jeff and Jill” category rules:
1. Lead/Follow tricks are encouraged.


Preliminary Rounds: 
Pairs will dance alongside one other pair for 45 seconds-1 minute (depending on number of entries) and will be given a score. At the end of all preliminary rounds, the highest scoring couples (number will depend on total number of entries) to advance to the Battle Rounds.

Battle Rounds: 
Two couples will dance for 45 seconds-1 minute each. Depending on number of entries, 2 rounds for each set of couples may occur. The judges will vote on one couple to advance. Battle Rounds will repeat until only one couple remains, becoming the Couple Battle winners.

*Additional Couple Battle Rules:
1. Practiced Routines and/or Tricks are encouraged.


Each group will showcase their routine and given a score. After a judges deliberation, one group will be selected as the Group Choreography winners.

*Additional Group Choreography Rules:
1. More than one group per area/city may be formed. 
2. Groups must include at least 4 but no more than 10 dancers.
3. Routines must include a slow tempo/lyrical portion and an uptempo portion. 
4. Routines must be 3-5 minutes in length.

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